SuAyu Ayurvedic Assorted Green Tea + Green Coffee Combo (4 × 20 Tea Bags + Coffee Jar)


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Ayurvedic Green Tea

Our Green Tea combo variants are based on the beautiful concept of TriDosha in Ayurveda wherein the three Dosha of the human body called Pitta, Vata, and Kapha combine to bring a balance of mind and body. Any imbalance in any Dosha many due to lifestyle pursued adversely impacts the physical and psychological well-being. The 3 Dosha-specific teas restore the balance through their specific extracts along with their own distinct non-bitter flavors.

1. Pitta Cooling Green Tea 

Key benefits:

1. Reduce Heat and Inflammation
2. Cools and Calms the Nervous System
3. Reduce Hyper-acidity
4. Reduce Emotional Outbursts
5. Purify Blood
6. Improve Skin Health

Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Fennel, Rose, Yastimadhu, Stevia

2. Vata Calming Green Tea c

Key Benefits:

1. Improves Digestion
2. Helps relieve pain and discomfort
3. Supports Relaxing & Revitalizing of the body
4. Helps Reduce Stress and Tension
5. Helps Improve Concentration
6. Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Ajwain, Mint, Yastimadhu

3. Kapha Warming Green Tea 

Key Benefits:

1. Improves Appetite and Digestion
2. Helps reduce Mucus and Congestion
3. Helps reduce Water Retention
4. Boost Respiratory Health
5. Increase Physical Endurance and Immunity

Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Tulsi, Ginger, Lavang, Mint

4. Ayur Green Tea

Key Benefits:

1. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on your body
2. Improves Brain Function and makes you smarter
3. Enhances Immune function
4. Good for Digestion
5. Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat

Key Ingredients: Green Tea, Mint, Tulsi, Lemongrass

Distinctive Packaging: Our double chamber tea bag has two distinctive features resulting in a perfect tea experience. The two chambers make it easier for the water to circulate optimally around the tea. This brings out the full flavour and aroma of the tea. The folding technique eliminates the need to glue, tack, or staple the bag which otherwise might have a produce side effect. Thereafter, the tea bag is sealed in a high-quality sachet to keep the freshness of the ingredients intact.

Directions for Use: Pour just-boiled water over infusion bag in a cup or teapot (1 bag per cup) and infuse it for 4-5 minutes or longer. Best when consumed without milk. Store in a cool, dry place and keep the tea away from direct sunlight.

5. Green Coffee

Green Coffee contains green coffee beans, which is a natural source of Chlorogenic acid and Antioxidants that help in weight loss by its fat-burning effect. Green Coffee is a unique blend of green coffee beans with probiotics, which strongly improve gut metabolism and overall health. This is a perfect drink to energize and revitalize today’s inactive lifestyle.


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